In My Mailbox

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I know I’ve missed a few weeks in my mailbox posts because I was swamped with moving and company but here is my latest batch of books.

notice my awesome mario themed living room in the background...

I have received lots of submissions for the CLA Young Adult Book Award, including:

I also bought myself World of Geekcraft because you know I’m going to be crafting like mad now that I have a makeshift craft room. My condo had 2 walk in closets, so one of them became the craft area that is currently taken over by scrapbooking. Right now my scrapbooking project is SRC at SA Branch. I’m also going to be doing one shortly about all the people who come to visit me way out here in BC (2 friends and 2 parents so far). You may notice some complete scrapbooks on the shelf, 3 of those are recent gifts from my mommy who scrapped my life (in the good way haha). I really need to pretty up that ugly chair…


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