Review Policy


I currently have a backlog of books to read so I’m not committing to timelines for reviews.

I would normally be happy to accept books to review, however offering me an ARC or free copy of a book does not guarantee a positive review. I try to outline both the positive and negative aspects of a book because I think honesty is important when making recommendations. I will not promote a book that did not enjoy and/or I would not feel comfortable recommending to a friend or a patron at my library.

I prefer to receive books for children or young adults because these are the age groups I deal with professionally. However, I also read fantasy, historical fiction, and science fiction for adults. I do not normally read anything overly religious or pornographic, that being said I’m o.k. with a character being religious and I’m not a prude. I prefer to read in print.

After I read books sent to me for review I give them to teens who review them for my library. I like to have the teen perspective.

I would also be thrilled to get promotional materials such as bookmarks, stickers or bags related to newly released or upcoming books. Again please indicate if you would like them featured as a blog give-away or a prize at the library. I reserve the right to choose not to participate in a promotion, if I feel the materials are not appropriate for my readers.

Please contact me @ if you would like my mailing address

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