My Bookish Crafts

I mentioned before I was making some jewelry and magnets out of old books and catalogues. Here are a few of my creations, and keep in mind I’m a terrible photographer so the lighting doesn’t do them justice.




In my mailbox is hosted by the Story Siren.

This week I got StoryWorld and the Fairy Magic edition of Storyworld. These are decks of cards that greatly resemble Tarot cards but they make no claim of predicting the future or interpreting the present. Instead they are meant to inspire storytellers.

There are many ways to use them , you can shuffle them pick out a few that will be elements in a story you are writing, you can hand everyone in a group a card and have them incorporate the object, idea or person on the card (grandma, cat, knight, fairy, ect) into the story. I think they’re really cool and I look forward to trying them out.

I also purchased Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog the Book. I learned a lot about how grassroots the project was. Of course not just anyone has access to Fox’s wardrobe stuff or the equipment Joss had, but I still think it’s pretty amazing that it all came together so well.This book isn’t for everyone, just hard-core fangirls/fanboys.

Im My Mailbox

virtual me and mailboxIMM is hosted by The Story Siren, please see her blog to participate.

 This week I got books. Shocking right?

The first package I got was books I ordered from Chapters.

Warped and The Water Wars will both be going towards the 2011 Debut author challenge! They are both beautiful as you can see.

I reviewed Dr. Horrible earlier today. Feel free to check that out.

 Next I received Scaredy Squirrel at Night  and it’s the special edition with the puppet and puppet stage. This isn’t YA but can you see how much I love my little Scaredy? He’s smaller than I was picturing when I ordered him but his fur is so delightfully soft I don’t care. The kids @ storytime are going to love him. If you follow my other blogs you may recall my Scaredy Squirrel pumpkin being featured on his official Facebook page. I’m really disappointed in the “stage” that is too small to move him around in or do much of anything with and was kinda hard to assemble. 

The next day I went to the Friends of The Library Book Sale (still going on now outside the library @ Piccadilly mall!) and I bought Thirst 2, City of Ashes and The Prophet of Yonwood. I only paid $2.50, so that’s a pretty good score. I almost bought some Pretty Little Liars books but I lost track of what I already owned.

Today I received some ARCs from Second Story Press (thanks!). 6 copies of Foster Girls and 6 copies of Leap. I received these in my capacity as a founder of and blogger for CLASY. These are going to be incentives for library staff to participate in CLASY. So if you work in a library and would like to contribute ideas, blog posts, pathfinders, anything that will support other staff helping teens in libraries please contact  

 In my e-mail inbox I also received word this week that I will be heading to Halifax for the Canadian Library Association Conference. I’ll be attending everything relating to children or teens as well as a bunch of other sessions. Let me know if you’re going to be there!

Horrible that I can’t actually open it

dr. horrible comic cover art The Dr. Horrible comic I have not been able to find in print became available on iTunes yesterday. I was so excited when I read Nathan Fillion’s tweet I just downloaded it without reading about the format. It turns out (I realize too late) it is an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch application, and I don’t have any of these 😦 . I assumed I would be able to look at it on my computer, like I do with music and videos I download-but if there is a way I have not figured it out yet.

So learn from my “click happy” (as my dad would say) mistake and make sure the format is compatible with your devices before download.  I would be extremely grateful to anyone who could tell me if there is a way for me to read it!