Whoa Nessie!

*I received Sinking Deeper: Or My Questionable (Possibly Heroic) Decision to Invent a Sea Monster by Steve Vernon as part of my YABA jury duties.

I loved this book. The East Coast of Canada has always appealed to me (says the person who moved all the way West) and this novel oozes with East Coast charm.

The characters were rich and vibrant. The grandfather is my favourite,; he has sayings no one understands and a childish sense of adventure that is absolutely delightful. I was literally laughing out loud. There is also a girl with a very unique sense of style and the way that the boy narrating the story describes her is filled with that somewhat embarrassed affection that makes everything so authentic throughout the book. The only character I didn’t like was the librarian, mostly because I’m tired of librarians being seen as frumpy old spinsters, but even her character grows a bit.

The plot is adorable, in a way I wasn’t sure was possible and I think it will be enjoyed immensely by tweens and young teens, as well as adults who are from a small town, children of divorce or have a wild imagination and crazy schemes up their sleeve.

My only issue with this novel is that it felt a little bit young for the award, I think it’s right on the verge of being in the children’s category. The narrator is 14 but he feels more like 12. On the other hand, he has lived a somewhat sheltered life and since boys mature slower than girls maybe it’s just right.

Altogether a wonderful little book!