The Art Of Getting Stared At

cover artLaura Langston’s novel The Art Of Getting Stared At is a heartfelt character story. It explores the opposing pressures women face. Sloane has a step mother who wants her to focus more on her appearance and a mother who thinks that putting any effort into beauty makes you shallow. Both women are judgmental, and make assumptions based on appearances. Sloane has to learn for herself that taking pride in how she looks is ok but she can’t let her image define her or distract her from her more meaningful endeavors. This struggle becomes urgent when discovers she has an illness that causes her to lose her hair. She doesn’t want to care about how people see her, but this change in her appearance makes her very self-conscious and shakes her confidence in other areas of her life.

With an emotional story that will have teens examining their priorities, this novel has compelling characters and excellent writing.




cover artCaroline Pignat brings to life a historical tragedy and fictional love in Unspeakable. Similar to the story in the film Titanic, but undeniably original, this novel captures the fear, pain, and survivor’s guilt from the shipwreck of The Empress of Ireland.

“No, the waters didn’t take me that night, but I was drowning, still, in survivor’s guilt” (pg 176)

The friendships and romances are memorable.┬áLearning about Jim’s perspective gradually as Ellie reads his journal is heartbreaking as we see the lost opportunities that so many people suffered.

The class divide on the ships makes you think about society and priorities. In shipwrecks, and in life, it is more dangerous to be in the lower class. Having a protagonist who grew up wealthy but is disowned and needs to work as a stewardess (in a time that was like serfdom) allows readers a view of the larger picture. She sees the contrast all the more starkly, making the transition.

“We write our lives by the choices we make. Like it or not, that becomes our story”

Ellie is a strong character who keeps her integrity through hardships. She experiences more hardships than many could bare but keeps her wits about her, stays true to herself, and fights for what is important to her. She is ostracized for her teen pregnancy, hounded by reporters for being one of the few survivors of disaster, and judged for following her heart. She makes mistakes, but the way she deals with them make her a good role model for readers.

A fantastic read for fans of adventure, survival stories and romance.