We Were Liars

16143347 E. Lockhart weaves breathtaking imagery throughout We Were Liars. The way she words heartbreak, loss and physical pain is exactly what I’ve tried to do a thousand times through poetry but I have never managed to be so succinct and descriptive.

The descriptions of chronic illness and migraines rings true to me as a reader who has experienced these things.

Teens will connect with the angst and attraction between Cadence and Gat. I think the closeness of the cousins when they are together contrasted with their lack of communication the rest of the year will especially resonate with older teens who have gone away to college or university and have a similar relationship with friends back “home”.

The fairy tales Cady makes up are fantastic little allegories for what’s going on in the story.

There are surprising twists to this novel that will haunt readers and keep it on their mind long after they finish reading.


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