Saving Houdini

Micover artchael Redhill’s novel Saving Houdini is a fun, old-fashioned time travel tale. There’s a nostalgic tone throughout the book. Instead of missing the technology and luxuries of his time Dash soaks in the wonders of the past. There’s a nice steady pace, with details about flavours and smells that enhance the train-jumping action.

This book was submitted to me as one targeted to teens, but I would argue it is best suited for pre-adolescents. 10-12 year-olds will enjoy it the most. That’s the age where kids (especially boys) develop an interest in magic tricks and dream of running away for an adventure, but know deep down they’d miss their family. The novel is perfectly suited for them, with a glimpse of a famous magician behind the scenes, and adventurous kids their age getting into a little trouble. There’ s nothing in this that would be inappropriate for a younger audience, and I think they would enjoy it more than most teens. However, if a young teen was looking for a clean read with time travel, magic tricks or friendship I would recommend it to them.


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