Your Constant Star

In her novel Your Constant Star Brenda Hasiuk establishes three very distinct voices. Life filled with dysfunctional families, identity crisis, hormones, tempers, and loss is experienced and expressed by three young narrators. Character development is rich with motives and scars carefully crafted to form convincing people. This is a skill that’s essential to writing great teen literature. Hasiuk makes you think of her characters as people- not just plot devices.

Teen pregnancy is such a common theme in YA books that it’s almost cliche but Hasiuk succeeds in her storytelling by making it about more than an unplanned pregnancy. The strained relationships between the former neighbours (“sort of friends” as they put it), the family members and the couple are all complex.

The plot is not rife with action and adventure despite the thrill seeking nature of two of the narrators, but the characters grab you enough to make it a worthwhile book to ponder.


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