The Wolf and Me

cover artThe Wolf and Me is part of The Seven Sequels series. It is a series that follows The Seven Series. The series is set up in such a way that the books compliment one another but it is not essential to read them in a certain order.

This installment of the series by Richard Scrimger is about the character Bunny who has been kidnapped. Bunny is below average intelligence for a 15 year-old and this shows in the first person narration. Homonyms are mixed up, spelling errors are rampant but the reader always has the sense that these errors are intentional by Scrimger to establish Bunny’s voice.

Bunny’s child-like logic is endearing. His naive interpretations of his situation are strangely insightful. I love when he calls 911 and is baffled that he receives an automated message “what if I was on fire!”. He knows he needs to get away but doesn’t grasp the gravity of what is going on. It is left for the reader to infer what is truly happening.

I dislike the trend of not using quotation marks for dialogue. It lacks clarity. This is something I’ve noticed in a number of novels this year.

This series seems like it will appeal to those who have grown out of 39 clues but like adventures shared by several authors.


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