Cover artGail Gallant does a nice job of summarizing the first book before jumping into the meat of Absolution. Being able to stand alone is good in a book series.

The novel is a ghost story that has multiple levels. The people are haunted by ghosts who are haunted by their lives or deaths. Amelia’s ability to communicate with ghosts complicates her life.

The story is spooky, suspenseful and sad. The target audience is definitely teens and it’s interesting that even the supernatural characters have regular teen problems. Matt is permanently friendzoned because of his lack of a body, and extremely grumpy about it. His gruesome flashbacks to his death are disturbing.

The unique part of this book is it considers both the perspective of the people who have a ghost in their house, and the ghost who has new people moving into his house. Neither situation is desirable and Amelia has empathy for both.

The mysteries take interesting turns and it the denouement is emotional. Exactly what you want from a book like this.


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