Lives of Magic

cover artLives of Magic is a great urban fantasy for teens.

Lucy Leiderman uses magic as a metaphor at several points in the novel. When Gwen is overwhelmed by her emotions her power flares up uncontrollably. The fire within is expressed with actual fire. Turmoil seen with powerful physical ramifications. In many cases books and legends of people with supernatural powers have the powers start during adolescence, because this is a time when people discover new aspects of themselves, on emotional, intellectual and physical levels. Lives of Magic plays into this trope nicely.

Reincarnation is another supernatural element that gets metaphorical in this story. Gwen isn’t sure if her past self’s identity and feelings are truly her own. This becomes a debate of free will vs fate and nature vs. nature. She wants to be her own, new person who is not tied to all the mistakes and relationships of her past but isn’t sure if she’s free to follow a different path.

There is a nice combination of action, relationship drama, and supernatural wow factor in this novel. It is well rounded. She leaves potential for sequels without having an incomplete story arc.



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