The Rule of Thre3

Eric Wacover artlters sends readers on a scary adventure in The Rule of Thre3; a novel that will appeal to dystopian fans and disaster preppers.  Combine the “pulse” like from the show Dark Angel  that wipes out all electronics, computers, satellite signals, and infrastructure with the adventure and apocalyptic camaraderie of the show Walking Dead (minus the zombies), with Plato’s The Republic and you have a book worth reading. Much like Socrates did in The Republic, Walters explores what is essential to survive as a society. It begins with what resources you need, what professionals are required to succeed, but it goes beyond that. What makes us civilized?

The idealist protagonist Adam plays a pivotal role in keeping the belief in people alive in the struggling leaders of a make-shift city state. His name combined with their neighbourhood name is a little too cheesy and religiously based for my taste. His loyalty to his friends is commendable, his bravery to be admired, and his ideas inspirational.

The book will leave readers thinking about how well their basements are stocked. There is a realism to this tale that is unsettling. The good guys make mistakes, the authorities are unprepared, and everyone needs to make tough choices and sacrifices.

There’s a serious lack of denouement that fails to satisfy curiosity, so be prepared to have questions unanswered.


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