Earth & Sky

cover artIn her novel Earth & Sky Megan Crewe combines adventure and philosophy. This is a thrilling story that will grip readers. When science fiction is at it’s best it doesn’t just wow us with interesting technology and exciting action, it also sheds a critical eye on humanity and society. Crewe does this with Earth & Sky by grappling the concepts of free will, colonialism, and otherness.

“It’s easy to see other people as hardly people at all when you’re watching them from a distance” (225)

Using time travel glitches to explain a character’s anxiety attacks is clever and original. The closest thing to this I’ve seen is the explanation for deja-vue in the Matrix.

This novel has a brave protagonist with interesting quirks. She is compassionate and determined.

Earth & Sky could inspire a series but works well as a stand alone. There is a great balance of fun adventure and thoughtfulness.

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