Shatterbreath by Evan Burgess shows great potential in it’s young author. It’s an epic fantasy that reminds of a more mature How To Train Your Dragon with shades of Ender’s Game.

A young man in an unusual town goes on an adventure he couldn’t have dreamed of. I think Burgess has an intriguing imagination and a skill for descriptive fantasy. The dragon lore was original. The subject matter is suspenseful but not so gruesome it would be inappropriate for young teens.

The copy of the novel I read is an uncorrected proof. It desperately needs the attention of a copy editor, because grammar errors and typos are detrimental to the enjoyment of the tale. It’s difficult to be fully immersed in a story when there are errors that draw the reader’s attention to the fact that they are reading.

Despite numerous errors in the first chapter that had me hesitant, I did find myself sucked in to the story- imagining it as though it were a movie in my mind. This is a high compliment because this only happens when I’m liking a book.

I look forward to reading BlackHound and Gathering Thunder.


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