The Oathbreaker’s Shadow

cover art

I loved this book. I love the concept of using magic to bind promises. I love the idea of being literally bound to your word with the knots. I found the setting very interesting. The characters were a little stiff at times, but this could be excused because of the extremely formal culture they were in. I think the haunts of the oathbreakers are fascinating, especially once we learn more about them. There’s good foreshadowing, symbolism, world building…. everything I demand from a fantasy story.

The only thing that deeply disappointed me was that the book does not stand alone. I don’t mind when a book is in a series, in fact as a fast reader I like being able to read more about characters and worlds I enjoy in future books. However I dislike when books are written in such a way that you NEED to read them all to get a satisfying experience. For a book to qualify as a winner for awards I’m on committees for it must be capable of being read alone, without prequels or sequels or any additional content. This book has a cliffhanger ending, disqualifying it from winning as far as I’m concerned. A good series can have a conclusion in each book but leave potential for more. This is a book that does not resolve it’s conflict, so it does not have all of the elements of a good book.


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