The Yo-Yo Prophet

I received the Yo-Yo Prophet by Karen Krossing as a submission for the YABA.

“Small, shy Calvin becomes the Yo-Yo Prophet when his street tricks get the attention of a bully named Rozelle.”

I was never big on yo-yos but I really enjoyed this novel. Calvin is a young man who is thrust into a lot of responsibility and I think he handled it really well. His fears about bullying and his difficulty with being abandoned by his father after his mother dies are realistic and heartbreaking. This is a good book for middle school boys or young teens. I think reading the descriptions of Calvin’s yo-yo performances will make kids want to dust off their old yo-yos and learn the tricks. Honestly I think the reason the book worked for me is it’s about an underdog geek who succeeds. I have a weakness for underdogs.


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