*I received Switch free from the publisher as a submission for the CLA YABA

I have mixed feelings about Tish Cohen’s novel. On the one hand, it flowed beautifully and on the other it was painfully predictable.

I loved the stream of consciousness narration. It made Andrea feel authentic, as a rambling, motivated, slightly outcast teen. The voice of the novel was clear and amazingly written, there’s no doubt Cohen has a vibrant and youthful style that will appeal to teens.

However, I have trouble liking a novel with such clichĂ© plot points. I knew what would happen to each of the characters long before it did. I disliked some of Andrea’s plans at the end of the book, they were not in keeping with her character and yet I knew Cohen was going to go in that direction.

It was interesting to see a foster home from the perspective of the biological daughter, seeing as most books that deal with foster-care make it the main focus. I never thought about how heart-breaking it would be to lose siblings over and over. I had considered being a foster mom at some point when I’m more established but I wouldn’t want to put my (theoretical future) kids through that and frankly I think I’d get too attached to everyone to be a temporary stop in their lives.

For a book that made you think about abusive parents, drunk driving, hit and runs and all sorts of serious issues it stayed pretty light and fluffy. I’d been dragging through the last book I read for weeks and this one I finished in about 3 hours over the course of two days. It was like organic, eco-friendly whip cream if there is such a thing. Fun, well intentioned but not quite as good for you as you’d hoped.


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