Highly Inappropriate Tales For Young People

*I received Highly Inappropriate Tales For Young People by Douglas Coupland and Graham Roumieu as a submission for the YABA

The title of the collection is definitely accurate, these are not tales for children! On the other hand I think select teens will find it pretty amusing. It’s hilarious in an absurd, disturbing kind of way. I adored the evil juice box, because the concept and the drawings were pure awesomeness. I was fascinated by the weird exchange student’s story. A couple stories were a bit nauseating, but I’m a wuss and I know others who would find them delightful.

This would make a great gift for the whimsical, dark-humoured person in your life. Take note of the people on the cover of the book, these are not characters in the book but hyperbole of people’s reactions to it.


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