All You Get Is Me

*I received All You Get Is Me by Yvonne Prinz as a submission for the YABA

All You Get Is Me is a great read for teen girls. Roar is a likeable character with a history, a personality and ambition. There was some discussion not long ago about how Bella from Twilight has no hobbies or interests beyond the men in her life, and this is definitely not a critique you could make of Roar. Her interest in photography isn’t just mentioned, it’s evident in everything she does, in how she sees the world. She takes pride in the work she does on her farm and has opinions about the things that go on in her community. The only part about Roar that doesn’t feel believable to me is her friend Storm. A girl like Roar would not be friends with Storm, I don’t see anything that would bring them together.

I thought Yvonne Prinz did an excellent job of putting serious issues like the treatment of migrant and illegal workers, and road rage into perspective for young readers. The issues were clear and she showed every side of them without making it seem too preachy or didactic. I enjoyed that the tragedies were a backdrop, because it prevented the novel from being too heavy and depressing. The issues added substance without becoming the focus.

I don’t feel like the title really meshed with the book, it’s too generic and I wish there would have been something more relevant to the text.

The romance was nice but I was more interested in her family drama.


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