The Vampire Stalker

*I received The Vampire Stalker by Allison Van Diepen as a submission for the YABA I’m on the jury of

I think Van Diepen did a wonderful job of capturing the hype that surrounds popular teen fiction. As someone who pre-orders books, waits in line for hours to meet authors and has pathetic crushes on fictional guys I related to the characters. I especially enjoyed how she illustrated the social aspects of being a reader, the way Amy and her friends bonded over the shared experience of reading a series.

The over-all story is appealing to avid reader’s in a silly, whimsical way. Imagine your favourite character from a paranormal romance is real. The world in the stories you read exists in an alternate dimension and a couple of the characters have accidentally crossed over into yours. Your fictional crush is suddenly not so fictional, but neither is the villain.

What I really enjoyed was that none of the characters turned out exactly like they were in the books. Alexander was not as perfect as she thought, and I’m so glad she realized this because it wouldn’t have felt like love if she didn’t have to get to know the real him.The part that got under my skin as unrealistic was how easily the mother believed there were vampires.

The action was decent, the writing light and fun even when it was sombre. Not an overabundance of depth but I think sometimes it’s ok for a book to be pure entertainment.


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