Betsy Wickwire’s Dirty Secret

* I received Betsy Wickwire’s Dirty Secret by Vicki Grant as a submission for the YABA

It’s pretty rare that I read contemporary, girly, drama. Some of the novel felt cliché, such as the drama at the prom. The boyfriend cheating with the best friend has been done a lot, not in things I read, but I still feel like it’s out there too much. On the other hand, Grant did make me care about Betsy, and I felt her suffering. Dolores Morris was a character that brought some life into the story. She was quirky, blunt and eccentric. I related to her the most, even when she was being over-dramatic. Murdoch was a well developed character too, which is good because in a story like this the characters are all you have.One thing that bothered me a bit was how many unusual names were in the story. I love unusual names but you can’t give them to everyone; it doesn’t feel real.

I liked the awkward moments, the failures, and the ridiculous outfits. The second half of the story was better than the first, in the beginning I was silently screaming at Betsy to stop wallowing over the jerk’s perfect abs and move on with her life.


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