Chance to Dance for You

*I received Chance to Dance for You by Gail Sidonie Sobat as part of the Young Adult Book Award Jury submissions.

The novel deals with big issues:

  • bullying
  • domestic violence
  • acceptance
  • homophobia

Unfortunately the characters were not unique, they were fairly stereotypical and two dimensional. It was a decent story but not fantastically executed. It felt like a less funny episode of Glee without the music. The issues it deals with are important and I cried at one point, so there is no question it will have an impact but I felt like there was something missing in Ian’s narration.


One thought on “Chance to Dance for You

  1. Hi and thanks so much for reading Chance to Dance for You. I’ve heard from many readers how much like Glee the novel is, but interestingly, it was written before Glee existed and is based on a true story (tragically). Just thought I’d share this bit of info with you. Again, gracias for reading. – Gail Sidonie Sobat

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