Black Heart

*I received the ARC of Black Heart by Holly Black courtesy of Simon & Schuster Canada

This book was AMAZING. I was dying to read it because I loved the first two but had to read my award books first. Normally if I’m this excited for a book I’m disappointed. I wasn’t. If you haven’t read White Cat or Red Glove go read those first.

The plot is great, and has some sneaky twists I didn’t expect. There are scary parts that make your heart race, there are sexy parts that do the same. Romance is not a big part of the story but the glimpses of it we see through the male perspective are pretty awesome. The action comes in powerful waves. I wasn’t sure what could happen in this novel that could live up to the rest of the series, but I was impressed.

The best part is the way the writing flows. I can never put down these books. After dredging through a bunch of books lately that were not really my thing this novel was like cheesecake- smooth, sweet, and gone before you know it.

Cassel is one of my all-time favourite fictional characters. He’s brave, strong, intelligent, loyal, mischievous and handsome. He’s a criminal who wants to be good. I love him for his vulnerability more than his strength. Black’s writing is at it’s best when he is questioning himself. His relationships with his family, crime family, friends, and Federal Agent colleagues are very complex. He isn’t sure who he is or who he wants to be, which influences who’s side he can be on and who he trusts at any given moment.I’m not doing him justice at all.

The secondary characters feel almost as real as Cassel. Barron is a sociopath who someone manages to earn some sympathy from the reader. Lila is a mobster princess who you can’t help but love. Daneca is brilliant but has terrible taste in men. Sam is a nerdy sweetheart who proves himself to be pretty bad ass. They are all so much more than this, and you can’t help but feel like you know them.

My only complaint is I don’t like the new covers because I think they are too girly for a series that is very guy friendly. This is a common problem in YA publishing that irks me.


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