The Hunger Games Trailer

I’ve written before about how in love with the Hunger Games I am.  I was really worried the movie would ruin the book for me but this trailer gives me hope for the movie!

Here’s why I think the trailer promises a good movie:

-They aren’t glorifying the fighting. Collins wrote the Hunger Games as a social commentary not just an action packed story and it’s really important to me that the movie makes you think about the fighting. Peeta talking about still being himself when he dies shows that they are going to stay true to the story.

-The people in the Capital look ridiculous and they are doing the whole makeover thing in a way that questions the validity of prettying her up for the slaughter, which is perfect.

-I think the look of horror on Katniss’ face at the reaping when Prim’s name gets called was perfect. I was skeptical about Jennifer Lawrence but I think she’s going to rock this role. Prim’s grief also looks just right.

-They didn’t give away too much for the people who haven’t read the books but they gave those of us who have read them glimpses of  all the key characters.

Overall I think I’m going to love the movie and it will create even more readership for a wonderful trilogy.


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