cover art of divergentDivergent by Veronica Roth is a great read for dystopian fans. If you liked the Hunger Games, The Declaration or enjoy a debate about human nature, what humanity should strive for, or the flaws in our society this is a book for you.

In a world where everything is split into cult-like sects, a 16 year-old girl must choose what she values most: selflessness, bravery, honesty, knowledge or peacefulness. Once she makes her choice she will need to go through rigorous training to prove herself worthy of the sect or be factionless, living on the streets begging.

There’s some pretty traumatic violence, and disturbing initiations so this may be too much for the squeamish.

Roth’s writing makes us think about how good intentions can be misguided, how conforming can make us lose ourselves and how no single quality needs to be the obsession of our lives. We shouldn’t fight over what good quality is the best, when we could strive to incorporate them all.

I thought the small romantic subplot was realistic in that the girl from Abnegation is prudish, afraid of her own sexuality and feelings. I thought her insecurity and confusion about the guy was appropriate for her character.



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