Fury blog tour

I’m honoured to be part of the Fury blog tour, and I was given the opportunity to ask the author, Elizabeth Miles, a few questions.

1) What inspired you to combine Greek mythology and the issue of bullying?

When I first read about the Furies, I was fascinated by the idea of creatures who took revenge into their own hands. I think so many bullied kids and teenagers (and adults, too) harbor revenge fantasies — how they would get back at their persecutors, if only they had the guts, or strength, or support… Exploring (and taking creative license!) with the Furies let me play with and combine those ideas.

2) What character do you identify with the most in Fury?

While Em and I are very different in lots of ways, we also have some similarities. We’re both bookish and, to different degrees, introverts. We share the bad habit of too often letting things happen TO us, rather than seizing the reins of our own lives. Over the course of the Fury series, I think Em will become more proactive — just as I try to be in my daily life.

3) Will the sequel be about the same teens in Ascension, or will it follow the three mysterious girls to their next victims?

The sequels to Fury will follow some of the same characters through their lives in Ascension, while introducing other (exciting, sexy, flawed) new characters. We’ll also learn more about the Furies — who they are and where they came from.

4) How do you think the supernatural elements in your story help you get your message across?

Supernatural, paranormal elements allow me to heighten certain scenes and emotions — to give tangible menace or mysteriousness to scary, overwhelming, nuanced feelings or actions.

5) What’s it like having your debut novel receive so much attention?

Honestly, it’s kind of bizarre and unexpected! Of course it’s also wonderful and exciting. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say there was a part of me that was unprepared for and overwhelmed for all the attention. Thank goodness for all my supportive friends, family, and colleagues.

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One thought on “Fury blog tour

  1. I was very intrigued by Fury after hearing Elizabeth Miles read from it at BEA last May. Fury sounded interesting and thrillerish and basically the perfect paranormal book for me.

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