*I received Wildefire by the handsome young Karsten Knight from Simon & Schuster Canada.

If you have an interest in mythology or in boarding schools full of supernatural students this is a good book for you. It’s multicultural and does a good job of portraying realistic adults – something I think a lot of YA is lacking. Parents, teachers and older love interests actually act their age, and they have legit responses to situations.

I loved that it wasn’t just Greek myths Knight was drawing from- I do adore Greek mythology BUT there are so many wondrous lesser known myths of gods and goddesses that can be modernized. I enjoyed the variety of supernatural powers the teens had.

Sibling rivalry, jealousy, rejection and all sorts of teen angst are thrown into the mix. Puberty is when people develop powers in this and so many other books and I think that’s because as a teen you have new “power” in the sense that you have more independence and your body isn’t quite under your control yet. So it isn’t such a stretch to think about what it would be like to have abilities going wild along with your hormones.

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