My bookish life

I have a few book or library related things to share

  • First of all I’d like to announce that I will be on the jury of the Canadian Library Association’s Young Adult Book Award for the next year. It’s usually a five year term but I’m just filling in for someone who will be away. I think it’s an honour to be a part of this, especially so early in my career and I’m really excited to get going with all these great Canadian books. One thing that will effect this blog is that I have to read a LOT of books for it, so it will dominate my reading for a bit, and I can’t post reviews of these books until everyone on the jury has had a chance to read and discuss them. So I’ll be writing them up as I read and saving drafts, then posting them later. It may mean a lag between my posts and then an over abundance of posting. Not that long ago I was interviewing the jury about the award process and now I get to experience it first hand!
  • Yesterday I started making jewelry and magnets again out of little glass tiles, modge podge and comic books, damaged graphic novels and magazines. I used up all my glass tiles already (I didn’t have that many since I bunch of my shipment came broken 😦 ! ) I’m going to be keeping some because I get attached haha but my original intention I will stick to is to sell some as a fundraiser. It was originally going to be for my library but it was turned down so I’ll do it for CLASY (Canadian Libraries Are Serving Youth) which is my pet project about to become a CLA network. I haven’t figure out where I’m selling them, if it’s online it will most likely be on Etsy but I may look into somewhere local like a farmers market. The thing is last time I did this I had the delightfully nerdy audience of university students. I think since most of them are book-themed and a book fundraiser, I need somewhere bookish to do it. Anyway….I’ll let you know soon about that in case you want to support my mad crafting.
  • This week I dressed up as the Paper Bag Princess for work. I looked a bit ridiculous and I totally ripped the bag, but bookish costumes amuse me.
  • I was in a writing slump for a long time but the last week or so I’ve been writing poetry again. I’d like to do some short stories too but I haven’t gotten back into that yet. Good old Triond keeps paying me about a quarter a month for my writing haha, so I don’t think I’ll be quitting my day job πŸ˜‰

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