In My Mailbox

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I’ve been really lucky with ARCs lately! Simon & Schuster Canada sent me

  • The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer. Memory is such a tricky and important part of who we are that someone with no memories always catches my interest.
  • Dust & Decay. This is book 2, I still need to read Rot and Ruin but that’s been on my list for months.
  • Fury has a gorgeous cover. I love the way her beautiful red hair looks like flames. I don’t know much about it but it looks good.
  • Witchlanders sounds like it has some interesting magic. I like that Lena Coakley is Canadian, I want to read more books from my own country.

Also, the library finally (I requested before it was published so it’s not fair for me to be impatient) got the Star Wars Craft Book and I want to make everything in it. I’ll probably have to settle for about 90% seeing as I’m a tight budget, but it looks fantastic. I already made the Admiral Ackbar puppet at the Star Wars party a few months ago (I saw this design online) and I am now debating about what to make next. I want to put it out there that I want more geeky craft books. Books of crafts based on the shows, novels and movies I obsess over. Oooo Hunger Games Craft Book! If you make one- send it to me or tell me where to buy it.

I also want to thank Perma-Bound for sending my library a ton of posters. I asked about them at CLA and voila a copy of each for all 29 branches in my system. They even threw in calendars.  Awesome stuff.

Plus I know my next IMM will be awesome because I’ve been told more books are on the way. How shall I keep up??? I’ve been working extra hours doing school visits and I took another part-time position in another branch of my library, while keeping up my 2 volunteer tutoring positions, and working on making CLASY an official network- so I don’t have the abundance of time I once did.


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