For Curly Hair

My hair is notorious among my friends for being impossible. I was the one at sleepovers who you did not want to get for braiding or whatever on the rare occasion we were playing with each others hair. Even though I always argued I have to shower every morning or my hair is nuts, on a trip to Quebec my friends convinced me to shower the night before instead so we didn’t have to get up so early. My hair that day is legendary – it was huge, off to one side and inexplicable.

Anyway…. I decided to check out some books on curly hair.

Curly Like Me didn’t really apply to me because the curls described didn’t match mine.  Curly Girl had multiple categories of curl and I think I fit into Botticelli Curls. Both books gave the same advice

  • Never blow dry (I know this from experience, air drying looks way better unless I spend an hour straightening)
  • Shower every morning (check. except sometimes on lazy weekends)
  • Stop shampooing (what?! apparently shampoo harms curly hair and isn’t necessary since our hair tends to be less oily. I intend to try using significantly less shampoo for a while but I don’t think I can cut it out completely)
  • Conditioner once or twice a week (If I go a day without using conditioner I break my brush)
  • Use combs instead of brushes (I break combs consistently)
  • Scrunch your wet hair, guiding your curls as they dry (this has worked well for me when I have time/ get up super early)

Curly Like Me claims combing your hair once every four days for an hour makes more sense than combing it half an hour every day. Clearly their hair doesn’t look like mine when it isn’t combed!!! Also, both times I went that long (camping once and being sick in bed another time) I had to get it cut to get rid of the knots.

So I think the verdict is that it’s hard for a book to generalize about a type of hair, but I will try some of the tips and report back.


One thought on “For Curly Hair

  1. I read Curly like me book. I really started reading on the second chapter about the structure and vulnerability of curls. In this chapter, I really liked her metaphors for hair – they were very simple and easy to understand, and also cute. For instance, she refers to curly hair as a “frightened, fluffed-up kitten.”

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