For the anxious teen (or librarian) with a sense of humour

I picked up the Complete Neurotic: The Anxious Person’s Guide to Life when I was collecting a bunch of books for a customer who wanted advise for getting over her anxiety disorder that wasn’t too cheesy or technical. She said she didn’t want this one, but I thought it looked like something I should read.

This was a hilarious book for me, because I am a very anxious, slightly neurotic, person. The beginning, that describes the different stages of life in terms of our anxieties (to the extreme) rang true. I haven’t even gotten to the 30th birthday meltdown yet but I can see myself saying those ridiculous things in a few years and maybe now when I do I’ll think about how the book predicted it and I’ll giggle instead of cry.

I laughed at myself a lot in the medical section of the book because the hypochondria is expertly described.

The middle section about being a neat freak did not apply to me so I skipped over a bit, but overall it was well written.

Someone asked me if this was a self help book, but really it’s more of a joke book. It helps you, in that it gets you to laugh at your silly fears, and see that you are being neurotic. However it’s not something I can picture people discussing in tears on Oprah.

This is part of the non-fiction challenge.


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