In My Mailbox

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Pretty decent haul this week

  • Uprising by Margaret Peterson Haddix from the Perma-Bound booth at CLA. Thanks for the sample, I think it’s something the old-fashioned girls in my community will enjoy and it will be a Summer Reading Club prize.
  • Dollhouse epitaphs comic from Strange Adventures Comic Book Store. Everyone knows I want to have Joss Whedon’s babies I love his writing so much and the show Dollhouse was no exception. I started to write an essay/book? about it but then it was canceled and I got sidetracked. Some really interesting ideas there…but also action and pretty people so I don’t get why it didn’t survive.
  • Autographed Roslyn Rutabaga and the biggest hole on earth by Marie-Louise Gay from CLA book award reception.
  • Star Wars The Thrawn Trilogy in graphic novel format from Strange Adventures Comic Book Store (I almost got two versions of this because I had my Timothy Zahn books mixed up haha. That’s ok I love Zahn & Thrawn.
  • Autographed Half Brother by Kenneth Oppel from CLA book award reception. Animal rights, family and what it means to be human – need I say more?
  • Welcome to Bordertown edited by Holly Black and Ellen Kushner from Woozles book store. I’m Holly’s fan girl who buys every anthology she’s involved with. I haven’t read any of the original Bordertown stuff but I think this looks exciting.
  • Autographed Silverwing by Kenneth Oppel from my friend Jessie Anne Peace who was selected to present the award to Mr. Oppel when it won, years ago.
  • A bunch of comics from my friend Shivaughn Hoad (they are in my office and I forgot to take a picture). I was whining about missing free comic book day (because there’s no store here) and she took pity on me with a nice selection.
free tote bags from conference. I like the Power of Search one the best



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