Silver Smoke

*I received Silver Smoke by Monica Leonelle from Spaulding House in ebook format for free.

The mythology in this novel is much more developed than in other angel novels I’ve read (Hush, Hush & Fallen). I liked the concept of the Hallows and the Trinities. Hopefully in the next installment the Nephilim will be more predominant, because they are the part of the mythological backdrop that was the least fleshed out. The politics of the Hallows was interesting and I imagine that will be expanded on as well. Some of the mystical elements seemed inspired by Harry Potter but they were tweaked enough to be their own concepts.

The three main character had realistic flaws and some nice depth. Pilot’s insecurities were great, and the chemistry between Brie and Rykken was fantastic for the first half of the novel. I was less impressed with the second half of the novel in terms of character development because everything was reactions to external forces rather than the nice inner conflict of the introduction. Even once I know a character I want to see their personality shine through the action.

Minor characters were less believable. I thought Tessa needed more substance and Serena felt tacked in. Rykken’s story was the most compelling, and I will read on in the series to see what becomes of him. I really liked the names in this book, they were unique and original.

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