Murder’s Not Cool

* I received Murder’s Not Cool by David Perlmutter from Untreed Reads for free

I was extremely disappointed in this story. Motives were unclear and unrealistic. The excuses the friends come up with for why the girl was murdered make no sense, and this would only be ok if this was pointed out to them later in the story. We are told some of the characters cry but I’m never compelled enough to feel an emotional reaction to the events of the story. It feels like a spoof but doesn’t succeed in humour either.

*Spoiler Alert*

There is a fake death that succeeds when it couldn’t possibly. A dummy is only plausible from a distance, if not recovered. The police and medical examiner would know immediately it was fake. There would have been an autopsy, and there is no way it would be mistaken for a real body.

I don’t feel like there a really a viable theme, relatable characters or enough of a mystery.

Sorry, just didn’t enjoy it!


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