Gone to Halifax!

First thing tomorrow I fly from BC to NS for the Canadian Library Association national conference. This will be my first time attending CLA, but I had such a blast at OLA last year that I’m confident it will be a good time.

If you’re wondering why a librarian needs to go to a conference, or what a librarian would do at a conference, here’s my plan. Keep in mind there are multiple sessions at the same time, so I had to pick one thing from each time slot. For the full plan see the conference site.

Day 1

Libraries and Teens: Towards Building a Service Strategy is a full day event, with 13 speakers that focuses on teens in libraries. I was involved in the planning of this event and I’m one of the speakers.

Day 2

  • Opening Ceremonies & Keynote Speaker (usually pretty inspirational)
  • Trade Show, this is where I meet with publishers and venders to see what new awesome books, furniture and technology I must get for my library. There is often author signings and a lot of free stuff at these trade shows. Last time I got to hug a stormtrooper selling Star Wars books. It’ll be geektastic.
  • Leadership : Less Talk More Action, where I learn about being in a position of authority (something new to me) and how to get things done
  • Sea Stacks: Contemporary Atlantic Canadian Books for Children and Teens I feel like I don’t read nearly enough contemporary Canadian books, so this will keep me up to date, that way I do a better job at finding books for people trying to decide what to read
  • CLA Book Awards Reception I actually had the pleasure of interviewing one of the award committees already, and I’m excited to meet some authors and influential librarians at this reception. Unfortunately it overlaps with the Librarians Without Borders social, because I would have loved to go to that too.

Day 3

  • Social Inclusion Audit and Toolkit
  • Poster Presentations (including Summer Reading Club, Early Literacy Programs, making the most of Friends of the Library, Young Adults Reading Cross-media Fiction and a bunch more)
  • Library Partnerships this is a major way to save cost and make good connections, i need to learn more about it.
  • A Wii in the Library? Whii Not? Gaming in school libraries I’ve brought the boyfriend’s Wii into my library for special events and I’d like to get one for the library. They aren’t that expensive and bring people in.
  • Are They Being Served? Meeting Service Expectations in the 21st Century Library I’m all about getting libraries to work better for users, it’s a big problem that some libraries go for what’s easier to do and don’t think about what the public needs. One of the things I’m going to be doing at my library is working on language we use to label things. I think we need to use less jargon and make it more accessible.
  • All delegate social (get my drink on?)

Day 4

  • From Numbers to Values: Challenges in telling the Whole Story of the Library User Experience this is important because getting funding is often based on stats, and when your stats aren’t great you need to prove you are still needed.
  • It’s all in the delivery: Serving Persons with Disabilities is of interest to me partly because of my work at the Accessible Learning Centre back when I was a student.
  • Murder on the Menu Lunch (I have no idea what this is but it sounds fun and maybe there will be free food? conference food is expensive yo!)
  • Digital Divide & Conquer I think providing access to technology/Internet has become a big role of libraries. We equal the playing field in a world where you need a typed resume and to do research for school. Lots of companies are only easy to contact by e-mail, so if you can’t afford a computer at home we help you out. Of course I wish our Internet was faster!
  • Transforming the School Library into the new Learning Commons. I need to partner with school libraries and who knows may end up working in one, so I go to all the school library sessions I can
  • Closing ceremonies and awards

Day 5

Be a tourist!

Day 6

come back, catch up on sleep and write up a recap of my adventures


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