Pretty Monsters- Part 2

FYI I reviewed the first half of Pretty Monsters by Kelly Link in an earlier post

The second half of the collection was less exciting for me than the first half but I did enjoy it. Link’s stories have a post-modern feel, and I enjoy this as an English major who likes complicated stories to dissect but I worry it would be confusing and off-putting to many teens.

Several of the stories are doubly framed, in the sense that there is a story within a story, within a story. I enjoy the connections between the layers of the stories, but the way it’s put together we never get the full story of any of the characters, and I am occasionally left unsatisfied.

There is also more metafiction than I think is called for in the anthology. What this means if you are unfamiliar with it, is that the narrator addresses the audience directly, points out the fact that they are reading. She words it cleverly so it is sometimes enjoyable but I find it still disconnects me from the story, and I prefer to be immersed in the action.

An interesting read overall, and something that could be discussed at a book club but not for the average teen.


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