Serenity: The Shepherd’s Tale

I’ll begin by pointing out that I’m a Browncoat (huge fan of Firefly & Serenity), I think that goes without saying since I am reviewing a graphic novel that serves as the back-story of a character from the series. If you aren’t familiar with the series you need to rectify that, because it is an inexplicable masterpiece. Who would have thought the story of two rebels, a mercenary, a doctor, a pilot, a mechanic, a prostitute, a preacher, and a half crazy psychic living on a ship taking odd jobs and smuggling would have been the greatest thing in the world? It really is though, there’s a depth to the overall plots, a unique sense of humour in each line, amazing chemistry between gorgeous actors, and unlikely but loveable “big damn heroes” as the characters.

Now to the graphic novel!

The unfortunate thing is that of course you don’t get to experience the glorious ensemble of character that make the show so vibrant. This is just Shepherd Book’s story, but that’s ok because he was always a mystery on the show and I NEEDED to know why he knew the things he did, and got the special treatment he did by the Alliance that time he was injured.

I enjoyed the way Zack structured the story, moving backwards in time. It felt like peeling back the layers of Book. His life as revealed here fits perfectly with the character we know. This is a very short graphic novel, but it gives us what we crave.

Warning: it has some bloody scenes that I found disturbing. Of course I hide behind a pillow whenever someone says “reaver” so you may be braver.


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