City of Fallen Angels is the 4th book in the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. I received the book from the very generous Simon & Schuster Canada.

There are many elements of this series that interest me. I find the idea of tattoo runes fascinating, especially because the use of a pen like instrument (the steele) is what really seems to separate the Nephilim from other trained warriors. The pen is mightier than the sword, is an interesting topic in a book about teens raised to fight demons. I enjoyed Simon`s struggle with his vampire instincts, and the understanding that accepting our nature is the best way to control it.

Simon is really the most interesting person in this book, and there`s a little less about Jace and Clary`s drama. Which is a good thing because I still find their relationship to be icky. In fact, I think most relationships in this series are pretty unhealthy. This is a problem I have with a lot of books for teens; stalking your girlfriend because you are afraid that if you actually talk to her you will hurt her is creepy, weird and not a good example of love. Ever since Twilight this has been a trend, the brooding guy who follows the girl `to protect her`. At least in this novel Simon points out the creepiness of it all, and Clary gets mad at Jace (although not mad enough if you ask me).

I don`t really like that Jewish/Christian mythology is becoming quite so prominent in the series. It reminds me of the show Supernatural that I loved when it was two demon hunters fighting beasts from urban legends, but got annoyed with when the Heaven vs Hell battle got full blown with Lucifer and everything. I think a touch of mythology from religion makes things interesting but I`m not sure I like how far Clare takes it.

I enjoyed the book overall, but it didnt have the same edgy sarcasm that was so delightful earlier in the series. I`ll keep reading, but I hope Clare steps it up in the next book, doesnt just draw everything out. Enough with the Jace being bad for Clary but perfect at the same time. That`s been done. Maybe focus on Magnus and Alec??

2 thoughts on “COFA

  1. I am a children’s librarian in South Africa and just can’t get enough of Cassandra Clare books. the teens eat up her books and want more and more

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