Top Ten Tuesday

Top 10 Tuesday is hosted by The Broke & The Bookish and you can find out more by visiting their blog.

This week’s topic: Top Ten Authors That Deserve More Recognition

I could make a list of actual authors I love, starting like this:

  • Holly Black
  • Kelley Armstrong
  • Timothy Zahn

but what I want to do is talk more generally

  • Canadian authors
  •  authors of Graphic novel
  • Writers for other formats. When you talk about a show you probably discuss the actors, but it’s the writing that gets to me. When I think about Firefly or Gilmore Girls or most of my favourites, it’s the witty dialogue from the writers that works it’s way into my heart
  • authors of children’s books; there’s a misconception that writing a good picture book is easy. The truly great ones have awesome writers
  • authors of YA, which is seen is below writing for adults but is actually takes a lot of talent
  • authors who prefer to write genre books. Fantasy and other genres are often considered to be stock writing. Sometimes it is, but there are some fabulous fantasy novels that use the genre to explore real world issues.

I can’t think of 10 at the moment, but i will most likely add to this.


14 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. Love your list! And I think genre authors do get a lot of flack even though their books are great…they just fit in a category…how is that a bad thing? It simply makes the book easier to describe…unlike some literary fiction. I mean, isn’t Freedom really just domestic fiction in disguise?

  2. It’s a hard one to come up with ten on this list I’ve found.

    I agree with the YA point, it’s got to be hard to appeal to that demographic without coming across as patronising or condescending and to address so many issues they’re dealing with. Granted most of us don’t forget our teens, but it’s easy to forget what it can be like after awhile.

    Thanks for sharing your list, I like how you’ve taken a far broader approach.

  3. The writers for Firefly were GOLDEN. Despite being raised in Alabama, I tend to speak with a “standard” accent….but after a few hours of Firefly I slip into their kind of talk. 😉

    “Seems mighty spry for a dead fella.”
    “My food is problematic.”

    “Well! Looks like we arrived just in the nick of time! What’s that make us, Zoe?”
    “Big damn heroes, sir!”
    “Ain’t we just?”

    And kudos for mentioning Zahn — has he written anything not in the Star Wars universe?

    • Yes I’m a huge Browncoat (Firefly fan).

      I enjoyed his book The Icarus Hunt when I was in highschool, after reading all of his Star Wars works. Have been meaning to see if he’s done anything else.

  4. I love this list.

    As Bonnie said above, I completely agree with what you said about the YA and children’s authors. Many of the best books that I’ve read have been in the YA genre, and in my experience many YA books have the better plot and/or characters. These authors definitely shouldn’t be looked down upon.

    My List

  5. Short but sweet! I agree with ‘Authors of Graphic Novels’. I’ve read some truly amazing GA lately, most by people I’ve never heard of.

    My TTT

  6. I don’t know any Canadian authors…can you maybe give some examples/recommendations? And I agree, a lot of people think YA writing is easy because it’s about teens but it’s probably harder to write about young people well than badly about adults.

    • Some Canadian authors I like are:
      -Kelley Armstrong
      -Robert Sawyer
      -Guy Gavriel Kay
      -Melanie Watt (that should have French accents I can’t seem to do in comments)
      -Jack Whyte
      -Margaret Atwood (read her stuff in school, she does get recognition)
      -Lesley Livingston
      -Wayson Choy

  7. I love that you mentioned different forms of writers – I actually would never have thought of script writers, etc! Gilmore Girls was one of my fave shows and it’s definitely for the witty and intelligent dialogue. Thanks for making me think differently!

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