Geek Out In The Library

  • I like to use my job as YS Librarian as an excuse to get in touch with my inner geek (not that we aren’t already well aquainted).

At work this week I hosted a Star Wars party for ages 6-18, hoping for the same age variety as the Harry Potter I hosted when Deathly Hallows came out. I got very few teens, and those who came were in the 12-14 age range but so many younger kids came it worked out well.

Here’s what we did:


  • Admiral Ackbar paper bag puppet
  • Yoda and Lea foam figures on popsicle sticks
  • Oragami yoda & x-wings (ok I’m awefull at folding so thank goodness one of the moms took over that one)


Actually I think the games the kids chose were for gamecube but played on the wii. Racing Star Wars games I borrowed from a friend who also works at the library (thanks Adam).

Contests with prizes donated:

  • Trivia challenge
  • Costume contest
  • Craft contest
  • imitation contest


  • Pin the Saber On Yoda
  • Hot Potatoe with a giant Star Wars Kinder Surprise egg and Star Wars soundtracks (went surprisingly well)


making a few of these was fun but 60 of them was exhausting

I had a ton of Star Wars books from every age category and format displayed of course.  

I made earrings out of legoes for myself and the staff

ewok & yoda

I had tons of fun and it seemed like most of the kids did too.  When I was in the mall today a group of teen girls noticed me and one said to her friends “I went to her Harry Potter Party, it was fun- I dressed up and everything” and I was thrilled to overhear positiveness, I hope the Star Wars Party leaves a postive impression too.


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