Top Ten Tuesday

Top 10 Tuesday is hosted by the Broke & The Bookish.

This week’s topic: top ten bookish pet peeves

  • Epilogues where absolutely everyone gets married and/or has kids
  • dialogue that’s only there to introduce something to the reader, and isn’t something the character would actually say
  • female characters who are “unpopular” but every guy in the story wants them
  • characters who don’t have a clue  their bff of the opposite sex is clearly in love them, even though it’s painfully obvious
  • evil bad guys who are proud of being evil. Most people who do bad things think they are right to do so, they are doing it out of some twisted morality or messed up sense of justice. Villains who are evil just to be evil aren’t believable or compelling
  • When a series goes on for 10+ books when it really only needed 3-4 to tell the story. Milking the cash cow and drawing out the same repetitive battles is just sad *cough* Goodkind *cough*
  • Love triangles or even love interests that are thrown in as a plot device without real chemistry or reasonable reasons for them to be into each other
  • When everyone’s name sounds really similar (especially in fantasy) and I can’t keep who’s who straight
  • When the back cover of a book gives away too much about what happens
  • Waste of paper. Skipping 2 pages between chapters so there can be a 1 inch graphic of a moon changing phases is just uncalled for

13 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. Ohh, i SO agree with this list! espeically super long series, spoiler summaries and those ‘unpopular’ girls. and those pesky love triangles.. great list 🙂

  2. •Waste of paper. Skipping 2 pages between chapters so there can be a 1 inch graphic of a moon changing phases is just uncalled for

    –> Are you thinking about Nightshade or is there another recent book that’s done this? I agree with you though.

    And yes to the love triangles! Except it sounds like you’re not as vehemently opposed to them as I am :D.

    Your mention of the epilogue reminded me Harry Potter… Other than that, I haven’t read many books which do that. Still, it is annoying. The series and/or book prob. didn’t even need the extra detail.

  3. Your list is great! I love the first one–so true! I can’t stand that. I also laughed out loud when you talk about names in fantasy literature and how they are similar. You are completely right about that. It drives me nuts!

  4. Awesome list! Definitely agree with #3, it’s so annoying when we’re told a girl is “unpopular” but then there are 3 guys falling for her and usually she has a best friend too, so she can’t be *that* unpopular.

    Also yes to #7 – It’s annoying when the names are similar, and even more annoying when they’re unpronounceable/really strange spellings…you get that a lot in fantasy, sadly.

  5. Oooo, I like the dialogue comment. That’s how I feel about Dan Brown. His books are interesting, but no one would talk like Robert Langdon talks…especially not while being chased by and/or chasing the bad guys.

  6. I hate series that go on and on with no end in sight. Plan your series from the beginning. If you want to write more books in the same world then write a spinoff!

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