The PDF problem

I’m having a really hard time getting into any of the books I’m reading in PDF format on my Kobo.

ePub is just like reading a real book no matter what size I make the text (I have bad eyes so I like 150% zoom), you just press up and down to adjust the zoom and right and left to turn pages. Simple and not distracting. I love it, I forget I don’t have a physical book, I only focus on the story.

PDFs are making very aware of the medium I’m reading them on.

  • I can have the text way too small and struggle to keep it straight what line I’m on


  • OR I attempt to zoom and get this:


 When it’s like this I need to click right to see the end of a line then click left to see the beginning of the next line, click down to scroll down the page, do more right and left navigating, and then often accidentally flip the page a bit too early.

This is immensely distracting and frustrating. I can’t stand it! So I go back to reading the really small print, often with big margins wasting space and can’t keep this up long without straining my eyes.

All of the books I’ve purchased have been ePub but most digital ARCs seem to come in PDF. I will never buy PDF unless this issue is resolved, and I will be more hesitant to accept digital ARCS.

 Am I being overly fussy? Does this bother anyone else?


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