Books & Advertising

While I’m not a fan of Kindles because they aren’t compatible with libraries (unlike many other e-reader options) they are doing one thing I like. Advertising!

The Kindle commercials I’m seeing tonight are the first book related advertising I’ve seen on TV in a long time. Very few books are promoted on TV or in movie theatres. Maybe this is because publishers assume that those who read are not those that watch,  but that’s not true and maybe would be less so if they cross marketed!

Booktrailers have proven that books can be promoted with visual mediums, and library staff and others who perform book talks have proven audio works.

So why don’t publishers, venders, book stores and libraries do more advertising outside of print? It seems like newspapers are our go-to advertising medium but if we are marketing popular fiction I think TV has a better chance of hitting our target audience. This would work especially well if it was targeted.

When I watch Pretty Little Liars why don’t they remind me it’s based on a book series? Same with True Blood and many other shows! Glee CDs are marketed during Glee commercial breaks, why can’t the same be done with the new Glee books? Maybe I’m just missing these ads, maybe no one pushing books can afford it.



3 thoughts on “Books & Advertising

  1. I totally agree. Nearly ever show out there is based on a book. I think they are afraid that people will discover how much better the books are and that reading is more relaxing than TV and lose all TV viewers to books. Thus losing AD dollars because everyone is not watching commercials.

  2. You know I love the Kindle commercials (and they totally worked on me, since I bought one). I don’t know why books are marketed better- especially in tv shows! Rizzoli and Isles, The Vampire Diaries, Dexter… the list is long. As a reader I love seeing anything book related in ads.

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