thoughts from Castle

Last night on Castle, Beckett said something like “What first attracts us to a person is usually what ends up driving us crazy about them”. I had never thought about that before, but looking at past relationships it’s surprisingly accurate. 

Foreign & old-fashioned, mysterious bad boy, the complete opposite of myself; the traits that caught my attention always backfired, in ways that are pretty obvious in hindsight.

How does this relate to books? It got me thinking, are there many fictional relationships that end up having these problems? If it is true in real life, at least for those of us with bad taste, it should happen to characters too right?

The Hunger Games: Gale was awesome because of his cynicism and rebellious nature. Those same things end up making him a downer, once the main fight is over what Katniss really needs is Peeta’s optimism.

Pretty Little Liars: I’m not to a point where the relationship has ended, if it does, but Ezra and Aria. Aria likes that Ezra is older, and smart. His being her teacher ends up being what she dislikes about her relationship. It limits where they can go, what they can do and causes conflict between them.

There must be more examples? Is it little things like this that make fictional relationships convincing or not, even if we don’t consciously notice them?

What makes fictional relationship drama feel real to you?


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