People search the darndest things

A lot of people talk to google like they’d talk to a person. This isn’t effective, because it’s a computer looking for keywords.

Some “whoops” searches I’ve received and what to do if this is you

“what libraries have diary of a wimpy kid”

if you want to know the answer to this don’t go to google or bing or any search engine.

Go to and type in the title in the search section (make sure you have it set to title or series), this will show you the libraries in your area (you may have to type in your city or postal code) that have the book. Another website that tells you what libraries have books is Amicus, but many libraries make you have a subscription before you can see their holdings on Amicus and this is best for academic or government titles.

Or better yet, go to your local library’s website. Most libraries today have electronic catalogues, for example see my library’s catalogue and search for the book. 

“is greg a friend”

This could be a number of things. If you’re trying to determine if greg is your friend in real life, the Internet probably can’t help you.

If you’re trying to see if you are “friends” with him on Facebook go to your profile, look on the left hand side under your profile picture and click on Friends (it will have a number beside it indicated the number of Facebook friends you have) a search window will pop up, and here is where you type in “greg” to see if he is your friend on this site.

If you are trying to see if Greg and Rowley in diary of a wimpy kid are considered friends (since my Diary of  a Wimpy Kid review is where you ended up) you are better off searching “friendship” or “friends” and “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”. putting quotation marks around a phrase means the search engine will only look for cases where those words are together in that order.

“does kindle work with libraries”

The answer to this is no, but what you should search is “compatibility” “kindle” and “library” or “libraries”. Full sentences aren’t much help, except that they may find a website where someone asked the exact question you did, and they may have received answers, but are they reliable? Maybe not. 

Some good places to search before buying an e-reader are:


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