One Lovely Blog Award

 Thanks to Janine from Me the Booknerd for thinking of me for this award. It’s great to have fellow bloggers like her reading mine, never mind promoting it through awards.

I’m going to highlight some awesome blogs that I’ve recently discovered, and if they would like to they can do the same, but I don’t like the chain mail nature of these awards so don’t feel pressured to.

Reading In Colour is a blog that draws attention to visual minorities in YA lit. This is a fabulous concept, because people should be able to read about people of their own and all races if they would like to. If you are a minority or would like to diversify your reading, this is a wonderful blog. I also think librarians could benefit from it, in terms of collection development. Following this blog will help you make sure your library is representative of your community and not leaving anyone out. 

YA Library UK  is a fantastic resource for librarians who work with teens or teens who want an idea of all the work that goes into serving you in libraries. The staff dedicated to you is often part-time or have a lot of other responsibilities but they are constantly fighting for your rights, and for funding in your area that is not yet considered “essential” by many administrations. Most YS librarians I know work a lot after hours, reading YA, following YA culture and exchanging ideas with library staff in other libraries. YA Library UK has been the friendly UK counterpart to CLASY (I’m an admin) and I’m always interested in what they’ve got going on over there, especially with the recent threats of mass library closures.

YA Bookshelf  hosts the awesome booktrailer talks  that has made me aware of some cool trailers I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.

The Broke and The Bookish caught my eye because of their awesome blog name. It basically describes me, so I thought it would be a good place to find kindred spirits. I usually participate in their Top 10 Tuesday feature and enjoy their revues.

I also follow some of the widely popular blogs like Story Siren and Pure Imagination, but they are so well-known I don’t feel they need an introduction.


One thought on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Thank you so much for the award (and for having me in your blogroll) ❤

    I'm familar with the Broke and the Bookish but the rest of these blogs are new-to-me so I'll have to check them out, yay! I'll post about this awrd next Sunday

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