Water Wars

*I purchased this book and it qualifies for the Debut Author Challenge 

Welcome to a future where water is more precious than gold or oil-and worth killing for

water wars

Cameron Stratcher is not being subtle about his views on materialism. The water deprivation after wars over natural resources is contrasted with our time. Vera thinks sitting in warm water (a bath) just to relax is shocking, and would be horrified by the way we take H20 for granted.

“Gap, Starbucks, Abercrombie & Fitch–merchants that had old things people didn’t necessarily need but always wanted”

 mocks us for our materialism and calls out specific companies as culprits.

While I agree we should be more aware of our consumption of resources, I thought this book threw it in our face a little too much for it to be enjoyable.

I wanted more of a romance between Vera and Kai, they were separate for far too much of the book. I felt like Stratcher did a good job with the big picture but failed to get into the head of a young girl. Vera’s reactions to the events in the book didn’t feel like genuine raw emotion, but strategic plot devices.

 Ullysses was my favourite character, the moral pirate is a weakness of mine. It’s part of why I love Han Solo, Malcolm Reynolds…. but even he didn’t live up to his potential.

This wasn’t a terrible book, but it didn’t have the youthful spirit, energy, or chemistry between characters that draw me into YA novels.


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