New shelf :)

I finally got a shelf! Moving from Sault Ste Marie to Waterloo, Waterloo to London, London to Ottawa, Ottawa  to London, and then London to Salmon Arm over the last 6 years has meant leaving behind a lot of furniture, so I’ve been doing without. The books were getting out of control lying around the apartment so I finally splurged.

Here’s my anal way of organizing my books:

  • Kids (with Scaredy and duck and goose next to their books)
  • Autographed
  • Paranormal (vampires &  fairies are grouped)
  • More autographed
  • Science Fiction and futuristic dystopia
  • ARCs from Publishers (and my new Across the Universe water bottle)
  • Contemporary Ya/Historical fiction/non-fiction
  • Fantasy (including graphic novels)

I haven’t alphabetized, but works by the same author are together unless one is autographed and one isn’t.

A lot of my books are still at my parent’s house


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