Making Whoopie

The Sims corrupted my use of the word whoopie before, so when I saw this title I was like “what!?!” but it’s a recipe book for cookie/cake thingies called whoopies.

Whoopie Pies I fell instantly for the squishy soft and cute cover when I pulled it out of a new book box at the library. I had to at least read a few of the recipes, so I set it aside for my break.

Inside Whoopie Pies there was even more fun to woo me. The writers are very casual and offer back up ways to make the recipes work without fancy equipment for those of you who are strapped for cash. I like when they joke about never being precise in their measurements, because I’m an amateur when it comes to baking and I’m always worried about the disastrous results of my little slip ups.

Some pages have cute little doodles of fridges or stoves or whoopie pies and others have mouth-watering pictures of the real thing.

The book has some great ideas and they give you creative freedom by putting the cakes and the fillings separately and encouraging you to mix and match.

I did come across some problems:

1. They said if you used a melon baller (that I bought just for this purpose) the cookies would be uniform in shape and size. This was not nearly as easy as they made it look, and my whoopies look NOTHING like the ones in the book

my crooked creations (not all cute and rounded!)

2. The black background and light writing was really hard on my eyes. Not good for people with bad eyes or print disabilities.

3. This isn’t the book’s fault but the filling part was too thick and got stuck in my Pampered Chef icing tools- so I ended up having to use a spoon.
4. The cookie part is not as sweet as I imagined but still yummy. I may have used too much cocoa and that makes it stronger than intended.
Overall a nice dessert recipe book, I’m going to try more kinds of whoopies.
FYI you only need a tiny bit of coconut milk, so don’t forget to write down the amount when you go the store and get a huge thing of it like I did 😉 Any suggestions for what I should do with all this coconut milk?
* I borrowed this book from Okanagan Regional Library
*This is part of the Non-Fiction Challenge hosted by the Broke and the Bookish

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