In my mailbox

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 This week I went insane and got more books, even though I haven’t caught up on my reading, so I haven’t finished the books from the last few IMM posts.

The first book I got this week was Goat Cheese, a recipe book that features guess what? goat cheese in each recipe. I loooove goat cheese so when I saw this in the New pile at the library, I was like hmmm…. but I haven’t actually made any of the recipes yet, because deep down I know it never turns out right when I cook it.

The main event for me this week, I’ve already Tweeted and Facebooked about because I was so excited. In case you missed my jumping up and down, here is me with an awesome book I’ve been looking forward to since before White Cat was officially released (I read that ARC too).

 Red Glove!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes I was so cheesy I put a red mitt on to show it off. I don’t actually have gloves… I received it from Simon & Schuster Canada.

I read the first half yesterday on Greyhound, and it’s fabulous. If you haven’t read White Cat yet go do it so you can be ready for my review and the release of Red Glove.

While I was in Kelowna for a youth services committee meeting I shopped the bargain bin at Chapters. I could live in a Chapters…. but anyway here’s my haul

I got Heist Society because that’s been on my TBR list for a long time. Once Dead Twice Shy, was because I loved it and I originally read it at the library. Louise Rennison’s book caught my eye because I loved the movie Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging (I often quote “I’m having a nervy bee!”)

Diary of a Wimpy Kid swag will go into a contest of some sort. Maybe when the next movie or book comes out.


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